Solid Santos Mahogany Flooring

Considered by many to be the premier flooring choice, santos mahogany flooring has a lot going for it. First, and most obvious, is its rich and varied color palate which ranges from dark reds to light oranges. A closer look will show santos mahogany to be a dense, stable flooring option that is easy to install and will last for years.

solid santos mahogany flooring

Below you'll find our prices for santos mahogany flooring. We are a direct importer of exotic wood, and by eliminating the middle man we can pass incredible savings on to our customers.


2 1/4"


3 1/4"



Wide Plank

1' to 7' $5.65 $5.85 Call for Pricing $5.99 $6.65 Call for Pricing
5' to 12' $11.90 $11.35 $11.35 $10.80 $10.80 $11.60

All prices are subject to change without notice. For more information, please read our Terms & Conditions

If you're ready to take advantage of our unbeatable prices on this excellent hardwood flooring option, contact us to buy santos mahogany flooring.